Second Blog Post

What should I write?
What should I write?

You know what? I’m getting really excited about my blog(*grin*).

Wait, what? I’m too late in the blogging party? Aww…

Anyways, apparently this right here is my second post, but honestly I don’t have any idea

what to write on my second post. Surprise! Surprise!

I didn’t even know what to write on my third post, or my fourth, or my… well you get the idea.

Blogging is supposedly easy right? Set up your blog, create post. And that’s it. Not.

It’s a bit complicated than that actually, but its fun. I enjoy thinking about what experiences

I would share in my post, the adventures, life lessons, or just any random life event I’ll come across.

I think the problem is just I’m too lazy to write or maybe I’m currently experiencing what they call a

writer’s block(yep I’m a writer now *wink*).

It doesn’t matter though, cause sooner than later the blog posts are coming so brace yourselves 🙂