ISTQB Foundation Level Exam

After much thought and consideration I finally decided to take the ISTQB Foundation Level Exam(last July 2016). The exam is conducted by KSTQB. This is a quick and general guide for software testers who are looking to take the exam. Note that there are other ways to take the ISTQB foundation level exam, but this is the most straightforward method.

How to take the exam?

ISTQB exams in the Philippines is conducted by KSTQB.

I went to their Facebook page(SW Testing Academy Philippines) and sent them a message inquiring about the exam. They ask for my email address and said that they would update me if anything comes up.

After about a week, I received an email from them, containing all of the important information regarding the exam such as exam dates, training schedules, seminars, exam venue, etc. I just followed their instructions, paid the exam fees, prepared for the exam, showed up at the venue and took the exam. After a week I received an email from KSTQB regarding my exam results and thankfully, I passed the certification exam! 🙂


How much does it cost?

The ISTQB foundation level exam is 5,400 PHP (4,500 PHP if you are re-taking the exam).

Payment method is through bank transfer.


How did I prepare?

I mentioned earlier that the KSTQB also provide training and lectures for the exam however, I find it really expensive. Online review materials and reference books are much cheaper.

Review materials:


Here you can download the syllabus and other exam documents such as the FL Mock Exam with an answer key and explanations(which is really helpful).

2. Google

If you Google “ISTQB Foundation Level Mock Exams” you’ll find plenty of results, most of which are crap and pure clickbaits, but there are other mock exams here that are really good and helpful, judge accordingly.

3. Books

(1) Software Testing – An ISTQB-BCS Certified Tester Foundation Guide, 3rd Edition

by Brian Hambling

One of the best book for ISTQB foundation level exam.

(2) Foundations of Software Testing – ISTQB Certification

by Rex Black, et al.

Another good book. This is officially book recommended by ISTQB.

I prepared for almost a month, I can only allot an hour of studying on weekdays since I have work, but on weekends I make sure to study for about 2 hours at least. I did a lot of reading and mock exams. The books I listed above are really helpful since it follows the flow of the ISTQB syllabus and it also has a mock exam at very end. Additional tip, If you’re doing the mock exams, try to time yourself and finish the exam under 60 mins., since in the real exams you are only given 60 mins. Read and Practice a lot and that’s it. Good Luck!

ISTQB Foundation Level Certificate.


Your exam score will be sent to you via email. If you passed the exam(65% is the passing rate) you will have to get your certificate in person at Ortigas center once they announced that it is already available.





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